Custom container pool design from Trek Container Pools.

Compact Pools

Small-scale yet upscale, these pools are as beautiful and fun as their larger counterparts.

From their style and sophistication to their adaptability and affordability, more and more homeowners are seeing that small pools are just as beautiful and fun as their larger counterparts. Whether in-ground, above ground, or even on a rooftop, here are five companies that offer products and designs for smaller spaces.

1. Soake® Pools |

Soake Pools are revolutionary, space-saving pools that combine the best of a pool and a hot tub, and provide year-round enjoyment. Their pools are made in New England using state-of-the-art materials, customizable, and delivered pre-built and ready to install.

Pictured: In May 2021, Soake Pools worked with Nawada Landscape Design and Frank Walsh Landscape to transform the backyard and patio of a Doreen and John McLaughlin’s family home in Milton, Massachusetts, into a Tuscan oasis for the couple to enjoy year-round. Jenn Nawada’s design vision was to create a natural and organic, yet highly detailed, luxurious allure throughout the yard. To achieve this, she transplanted many plants from other areas of the yard, embedded sea grasses, natural reclaimed brick, reclaimed cobblestone scouted by Stone Sourcer Justin Peterson, and built-in planters crafted from the existing hardscape of the surrounding area. The show-stopper, however, is the 7’x13’ Soake Pools plunge pool integrated horizontally into a paved patio set atop the naturally sloped landscape, oriented to capture the beautiful view beyond. The inside of the plunge pool is outfitted with large-format gray tiling from DalTile. To ensure year-round use, safety, and aesthetic value, the Soake Pool is also outfitted with an electronic automatic cover. With the help of Stone Sourcer Justin Peterson, Frank Walsh seamlessly integrated the plunge pool into the surrounding landscape by adhering reclaimed local field stones onto the exterior of the plunge pool hardscape.

2. Diamond Spas |

Photo credit: ©Tom Sibley Photography

Diamond Spas is a custom manufacturer of stainless steel and copper aquatic vessels specializing in rooftop installations.  Metal  is the perfect choice for rooftop swimming pool design.  Metal weighs less than traditional materials such as gunite or concrete. A spa or pool weighing considerably less will reduce structural expenses and engineering costs. Metal is amenable to nearly any design configuration and will provide a water tight vessel. Diamond Spas can ship a rooftop spa or pool in one piece or if the installation requires, an onsite welding team can be arranged. Custom equipment packages call be engineered to accommodate the client’s preferences.

Pictured: This stainless steel roofop pool by Diamond Spas was made in their facility and then shipped out and craned up to the penthouse apartment.  In addition to a being used as a pool, it was also fabricated with a swim current / swim spa. Size is 114″ x 326″ x 52″.

3. Trek Pools |

Based in the heart of the Midwest, Trek Container Pools is the first manufacturer of shipping container pools in the US. They offer custom container pool designs based on their clients needs.  Splash pads, windows, waterfalls, and swim-up bars are all possible with a Trek Container Pool. Their pool interiors are constructed out of plate steel. Then, the exteriors are coated with marine grade products from Sherwin Williams and plaster like finishes on the interior. The interior finish is the key to the success of Trek Pools. Similar to a concrete pool, the interior plaster finish provides a wide range of finishes, textures, and colors.

Pictured: This Trek Container Pool design is the first of its kind to incorporate a spill over tanning deck. Located in Atlanta, GA, the client was challenged with a city ordinance that limited the amount of digging around mature trees. Working directly with the client, Trek Pools designed an 8’x8′ tanning deck that would cascade into the body of the container pool. Programming the tanning deck to function as a water feature allowed this body of water to continue to circulate even with the auto cover closed. The top edge window added an additional wow factor to the pool for viewing from the fire pit and patio below.  The client ended up reducing their budget by using their Trek Container Pool as a retaining wall, while providing a beautiful transition from their home to the lower patio level.
Pictured above (Story main image): As seen on “Ask This Old House”, this 8’x20′ Trek Container Pool was the main attraction to a backyard renovation near Cleveland, OH. With minimal site prep, the homeowner was thrilled to have found a pool solution to overcome their sloping backyard. The framed decking and pergola provided added comfort and beauty to their backyard oasis.

4. Endless Pools® |

Since 1988, Endless Pools® has been crafting custom pools with their signature current. Designed to let you swim without interruption, their fully adjustable current also delivers variable resistance for aquatic workouts and a relaxing ‘lazy river’ experience to let your cares drift away. Ultimately, Endless Pools creates experiences through exceptional products. People dip into Original Series pools to train for the IRONMAN World Championship, the grueling 140.6-mile triathlon; to find relief from a range of ailments, from arthritis to spinal injuries; to stay independent through retirement with low-impact aquatic exercises; to teach their kids life-saving water skills; and to celebrate everyday good times. Their technology has reimagined the power of water and delivered it in a fully customizable format.

Pictured: It’s a pool with a view! This Endless Pools High Performance model has enough power for competition training; the current’s pace can also be dialed down for learn-to-swim lessons or a leisurely freestyle. The homeowners wisely got an inground pool feel – without excavation – by assembling the pool at ground level, then constructing the deck around it. Like all their Original Series pools, this model features customizable sizing plus signature options, like their exclusive Underwater Treadmill.

5. Containur Pools |

Containur Pools doesn’t just upcycle a container and give it structural integrity and good looks, they like to say that they thought inside the box. “We are the only shipping container company in the industry that adds ¾” R-rated insulation standard to every container wall and door. Plus, we custom make a fiberglass pool with a smooth gel coat surface so your pool is made to last,” comments the company founder, Davalyn Kratz.

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