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Unwind after a long day in a Marquis® Hot Tub

Photo by Martin Barraud/Marquis®


Whether you’re looking for aquatic therapy, a way to perfect your swim stroke, or just a place to unwind at the end of a long day, hot tubs and swim spas have a lot to offer—right in the convenience of your own home or backyard. Top spa manufacturers, including as Diamond Spas, Marquis®, Master Spas®, and SwimEx, offer a wide variety of models, including hybrid systems that provide a swim current at one end and seats with therapy jets at the other end.

The Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas by Master Spas® feature a variable-speed Wave Propulsion System, which allows users to program the swim current to suit their exact needs. “Being able to customize your own workouts is the key,” says Kevin Richards, vice president of sales and marketing at Master Spas, Inc. These swim spas are also compatible with the Swim Number App (SNAPP), available for iPad.

Spa manufacturer Marquis® also has its own line of swim spas. “Our swim spa series, the Aquatic Training Vessels™ (ATVs), are built to offer [users at] every skill level the opportunity to enjoy aquatic exercise—from intense swim training to aquatic aerobics,” says Jim Johnston, vice president of marketing at Marquis. “The ATV also includes swim tethers on both ends to swim with or against the flow as well as an optional resistance and rowing kit.”

If you’re shopping solely for a hot tub, there are countless models and seating configurations to choose from, but it’s important to find a model that has the types of hydrotherapy jets you need. In addition to therapy jets for your back, Master Spas hot tubs feature jets that target your neck, shoulders, and feet. “These have been core features of our hot tubs for 20 years, and there’s no doubt that our customers love them,” says Richards.

“It’s not just how many jets are working, it’s how they work that gives you the best results,” Johnston explains. To provide users with customized relief, Marquis® developed High Output Therapy (H.O.T.) Zones, which feature jets that target lumbar, shoulder, pillar, and foot areas, says Johnston.

To help narrow down your options, many hot tub and swim spa dealers allow you to take a wet test so you can experience the hydrotherapy jets and/or swim current yourself and learn how other special features work before you buy.

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