Photographs by Phil Conrad

London’s New Sky Pool

Engineered by Reynolds Polymer, the sky’s the limit with this pool that spans 82 feet across two buildings.

Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. focuses on making the “impossible” possible. With over 3,000 projects spanning 59 countries, the Colorado-based firm is constantly reinventing the definition of what can be done with acrylic. Pushing the envelope again, it recently unveiled the world’s first “floating” swimming pool, engineered by Reynolds Polymer in partnership with  engineering firm Eckersley O’Callaghan and international property developers Ecoworld Ballymore Group and HAL Architects. 

Located 115 feet in the air at the the Embassy Gardens in London, England, the pool spans 82 feet across two buildings. It consists of one solid 14-inch thick piece of acrylic and is made from totally transparent polymer.

Photograph by Phil Conrad, courtesy of
Reynolds Polymer Technology

“The design and engineering that went into Sky Pool involved many people across multiple continents,” Declan McLaughlin, CEO of Reynolds Polymer says. “Sometimes you are presented with challenges that seem insurmountable, and Sky Pool was one of those. However, it inspired our organization to go above and beyond and execute an inspirational iconic idea of a floating pool. Incredibly proud to be part of this once in a lifetime legacy challenge.”

Reynolds Polymer’s highly trained design engineers work hard to bring dreams to life and have created some of the world’s most visited acrylic structures.,,,

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