Revolutionize Your Exercise Routine with SwimEx: Discover the 10 Standout Features of SwimEx Swim Spas

Whether you’re doing physical therapy to heal an injury, training for an elite athletic competition, exercising to keep in shape and stay well or swimming simply for fun, there is a custom SwimEx swim spa that can help you meet your goals.

“SwimEx provides the ultimate aquatic experience,” says Sandra Marston, strategic alliance manager for the company that is based in Fall River, Massachusetts. “Many of our customers have told us that SwimEx swim spa has changed their lives.”

Since its establishment in 1986, the family-owned SwimEx, which introduced the first fiberglass swim spa, has been the leader in aquatic exercise and therapy for athletic training programs, hospitals, physical therapy clinics, health clubs, senior communities and private homes.

The brand’s known for its patented, industry exclusive paddlewheel technology that actually pulls water to the back of the pool, which results in a wider and deeper current than any other swim spa on the market.

SwimEx pools have 99 speed settings and move up to 25,000 gallons per minute in a smooth river-like flow and are powered by an industrial-grade motor, whose drive system is mounted below the decking at the back of the pool to keep noise at a minimum. 

“Some of our initial customers have been using their pools for over 30 years with only recommended annual maintenance. “ Marston says, adding that the company offers a high level of customer service responsiveness when issues do occur.

10 main reasons that SwimEx’s spas are standouts:

  • The SwimEx paddlewheel current is the smoothest, deepest, and widest water current on the market.
  • An insulated fiberglass shell efficiently maintains water temperature, helping to minimize expenses and eliminate costly dehumidification systems.
  • The solid, compact, free-standing shell allows for indoor, outdoor, above ground, partially above-ground or in-ground installations.
  • There are no liners to replace.
  • The gelcoat interior surface is easy to maintain and a breeze to clean.
  •  The color, length, depth and interior layout are customized.
  • The adjustable current is strong enough to challenge the most competitive athlete yet gentle enough for recreational swimming.
  • Fiberglass is impervious to sun and chemicals, even with the highest commercial use.
  • Chemicals are easy to control. With the optional ozonator, pools can be virtually chemical-free.
  • Walking areas have a non-slip surface for safe movement.

“People become really attached to their SwimEx spas,” Marston says. “One of our customers who is an avid swimmer recently bought a new home but kept her old home as an office so she could still keep using her SwimEx. Another customer, a retired couple who want to stay healthy, had a small yard so they installed their SwimEx in their screened-in porch.”

SwimEx spas, which are made in the USA, are designed to last.

“People buy SwimEx because they are looking for a top-of-the-line product,” Marston says. “The value is in longevity and low maintenance.”

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