Unique Poolscape Elements

Experts use the power of science and the beauty of nature to advance pool design.

Even in the most beautiful poolscapes, science can enhance the sensory experience. Manufacturers and builders today are refining some of the most basic yet pleasurable features of swimming pools—the water itself and the surrounding landscape—using inspiration from nature coupled with technological advances.


Photograph courtesy of Liquid FX, Inc.


Custom pool and spa builder Liquid FX, Inc. is constantly inspired by nature. “Every pool and water feature should be unique and handcrafted,” says Michael Saia, president and CEO. Liquid FX’s features—whether it’s a stream running through a property or a sculptural garden to gaze upon from the pool—start with items from nature. “Rocks and boulders are chosen by their shape and texture,” Saia says. “In a stream, the rocks look like they have worn naturally over time.”


Photograph by Claffey Pools


Technology may be moving at lightning speed, but achieving products that keep pool and spa water safe and also nonirritating has been a challenge. CMP, a global supplier of pool, spa, and bath components, has taken a big step forward. The company introduced a new product last year: DEL AOP 25. The AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) system combines UV light and ozone, creating powerful oxidizers called hydroxyl radicals.


Photograph by Claffey Pools


“It’s super exciting for us,” says CMP Product Design and Marketing Manager Vic Walker. “The AOP is highly effective at killing pathogens such as giardia and cryptosporidium [crypto]. With chlorine, it takes much longer.” Few professionals are focusing on water quality, Walker adds: “We are. We’re telling consumers, don’t worry about the technology; let us do that.”

“The health of our world depends on reliable access to clean water” is a deeply held belief of Pentair, a multinational company that works toward sustainable water solutions. Part of Pentair’s mission is to use advanced technology to fine tune the quality of water in pools and spas. The company’s IntelliCenter Control Center interacts with other Pentair products to sanitize water with a simple, user-friendly smartphone app.


Photograph by Claffey Pools


Claffey Pools, a family business based in North Texas, introduces natural elements through beautiful organic materials. In one landscape, Claffey professionals created a bluestone wall with a light curtain of water that is at once energetic and calming. “The landscape feature offers first the sound of water and then the visual,” says its designer, Mike Farley, a Claffey Pools landscape architect. “The wall creates a space that says, ‘Leave your stress and come relax at home.’ ” 






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