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From the rooftops of New York City to the hills of Los Angeles, these stunning swimming pools define the glamour and allure of life in the big city.

Photo courtesy of Aquart


This sophisticated vanishing-edge pool overlooks a vibrant cityscape, giving guests the perfect view as they enjoy the poolscape’s many amenities.


The goal of this dramatic hilltop infinity-edge pool design was to accentuate the vast views of the nearby city.

This daytime view of the infinity-edge pool pictured above showcases the intricate glass tile Grecian key pattern that was installed at the waterline and bottom of the pool.

Photo courtesy of Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools and Landscaping



An oasis in the sky, this modern rooftop penthouse houses an elevated stainless-steel spa with an all-tile interior.


Photo courtesy of The Swimming Man 

With the city of Austin off in the distance, this vanishing-edge pool is highly reflective and engineered to overhang a cliff. The deck is finished in natural stone and the outdoor kitchen is cantilevered over the pool for dramatic effect.

Photo courtesy of Neptune Pools, Inc. 

At night this rooftop perimeter-overflow pool becomes a shimmering showpiece, lighting up the city sky just as brightly as the surrounding skyscrapers.

Photo courtesy of Master Pools Builder: Watermania S.A., Guatemala 

The simplicity and clean lines of this geometric vanishing-edge pool allows the homeowners to take in the full view of the bustling city below.

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