An all-stainless steel plunge pool design by Bradford Products.

What is a Plunge Pool? Everything You Need to Know

Plunge pools are great alternatives for a traditional swimming pool when space does not allow you to have one. But what is a plunge pool anyway? Can anyone build it and enjoy a good swim? Understanding everything you need to know about plunge pools will help you decide whether you can have one or not.

What is a Plunge Pool?

A plunge pool is commonly referred to as a dipping pool, small pool, tiny pool, cocktail pool, and even a spool. As the name(s) suggests, it is intended mostly for dipping. The standard size of a plunge pool is 4 to 7 meters (length) by 2 to 3 meters (wide). Plunge pools are also not deep enough to dive into since the typical depth is only 1.2 meters.

People who opt for a plunge pool often do so because they lack the space for a bigger and wider swimming pool. However, the plunge pool also has the same mechanisms as standard swimming pools, including pumps and filters. Additionally, the same maintenance is also required for a plunge pool.

What is a Plunge Pool Used for?

With its limited size, some may not entirely understand the benefits of a plunge pool. However, it has several purposes, including aquatic rehabilitation. People advised to do water exercises for recovery and rehabilitation often consider installing a plunge pool.

A plunge pool provides them the convenience of doing low-impact water exercises in the comfort of their own home. Additionally, resistance jet machines can be added for a more comprehensive workout.

When the summer heat starts, a plunge into the cool water provides quick relief. This coolingoff ability makes a plunge pool a great choice for those people who want to simply relax, lounge, or wade instead of swimming laps.

Pros and Cons of Having a Plunge Pool

After learning what a plunge pool is, you need to weigh the pros and cons of this kind of investment for your home. Installing this kind of small pool without determining whether it is suitable for you and your family can prove to be a costly mistake.


Compact size can fit in small spaces
Cheaper than a standard pool
Fewer materials needed
Cleaning and maintenance is easy
Great for hydrotherapy and low-impact water exercises
Lower utility bills


Not great for swimming laps
Fits a limited number of people
Too shallow for diving

Cost of a Plunge Pool Installation

The installation and plunge pool cost is far less than that of a traditional swimming pool. However, the materials used in constructing a plunge pool will determine its actual cost. Plunge pools are built using the same materials as larger and more traditional pool options. For example, you can choose between concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass materials.

Additional lighting, architectural designs, and water features also add to the final bill. Though the average plunge pool cost is often half the price of a traditional pool, you will still pay more if you want to add a heating system, swim jets, water feature, or create a more custom plunge pool design.

Tiny Pools from Leading Brands

Several companies have dived into the plunge pool trend by offering their construction services. However, be mindful of the one you choose since it determines whether you’ll enjoy the plunge pool or not. Always check out reliable companies if you want to install one. To help you, wehave narrowed the options down to just three of some of the best companies in plunge pool construction.


Plungie’s plunge pools are pre-cast concrete. The company provides three installation solutions:

  • Owner Builder. This is for the DIYers who want to put their hands to work installing theplunge pool by themselves. However, you need to know the required processes and obtain permits from your local government. Some localities do not allow non-professionals to install a plunge pool.
  • Bring Your Own Builder (BYOB). An installation solution where you can hire a qualified home or pool builder to install the plunge pool for you. In some places, structural landscapers and even plumbers can do the installation.
  • Full-Service Plungie Dealer. Plungie has installation partners who can see the start of the project through until its completion. When you get the Full-Service Plungie Dealer package, all certifications, preparations, and installation processes will be handled by the Plungie team.

Bradford Products

As the leader in stainless steel aquatics, Bradford has the expertise and capabilities to bring virtually any vision to life. Bradford caters to pool and spa construction, as well as provides water and fire features. The company also offers wellness and hydrotherapies.

Bradford’s plunge pool aesthetics are eye-catching and uniquely crafted to suit each owner’s personal taste. For example, you can light up the pool area with fire or embellish the pool with cascading waterfalls. These amazing features will delight everyone and set a relaxing mood.

Soake Pools

Soake Pools is another company to consider when you want to have a plunge pool installed. Soake Pools gives you three size choices to choose from for your plunge pool: petite plunge, medium plunge, and full plunge.

Once you choose the size, you can start customizing the plunge pool that you want. All Soake Pools plunge pools have a full-tiled interior, LED pool light, variable speed pump and filter, and saltwater sanitation system.

Further, the installation also includes an engineered and reinforced concrete shell and an automation control feature that allows you to control the pool from your mobile device or computer.

You may also opt to pay more for additional features such as a heater, lockable pool cover, and customized seats!

Final Thoughts

A plunge pool can prove to be an amazing addition to any home. It can help increase your home’s value and provides you with many of the same benefits as a traditional pool without taking up too much space.

Tiny pools are making a comeback, as homeowners are increasingly appreciative of their economic, ecological, and aesthetic benefits. Read “4 Reasons Why a Small Pool is Perfect for Your Backyard,” as seen in the Fall/Winter 2021 issue of Luxury Pools & Outdoor Living.

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