Turn Your Backyard Into a Personal Oasis: The Magic Behind Enclave Luxury Outdoor Living

Discover How Enclave Luxury Outdoor Living is Redefining Luxury Landscaping, One Stunning Backyard at a Time

According to Jake Lavagnino, founder and CEO of Enclave Luxury Outdoor Living in St. Petersburg, creating an outdoor living space is a complex process that involves collaboration with various designers, subcontractors and a methodical approach to fulfill the client’s dreams and wishes.

With a decade of experience in the construction and landscaping industry, Lavagnino re-established himself as Enclave Luxury Outdoor Living in 2021 to create dynamic outdoor living experiences that provide unparalleled sensations of a five-star resort. 

As a design-build firm, Enclave Luxury Outdoor Living strongly believes in cultivating industry relationships and often collaborates with other firms, including Lucas Lagoons, J. Brownlee Designs and others.

Enclave is currently transforming a 5-acre property in Tampa Bay, named Emerald Oasis, which had a 40-year-old pool that was in dire need of renovation. Initially, the client wanted to update only the pool, which had a peculiar layout, with a heart-shaped hot tub. The client’s desire was to have a natural oasis that delivers the vibe of her favorite resort city of Tulum, Mexico, while incorporating materials that are native to Florida. 

The resulting luxury living space features a sunken lounge with a fire pit, a spacious shallow lounge reef with a soaking ledge, a hexagon-shaped outdoor kitchen showcasing an artificial oak tree as its centerpiece, a swim-up bar with a sunken lounge and a 12-foot-high grotto with a waterfall designed by internationally recognized rock artist Jamie Hunt with Big Bamboo Studios. 

The pool itself is finished in PebbleTec’s Sandy Beach with PebbleBrilliance glass beads in emerald green that are complimented by the surrounding space delineated with Florida natural Oolite stone, which contains native coral, fossils and shells. The overall look of the space is “boho-chic,” in keeping with the client’s love for eclectic design, as she is the owner of a thriving swimwear company, Salty Mermaid.

Enclave Luxury Outdoor Living’s team sets it apart, according to Lavagnino. “We’ve all worked in the industry for decades, and at some point, all together,” he says. “And we all work well together and collaborate with other specialists to provide the ultimate customer experience.” 

From left to right. Jacqueline Roberts; Designer, Jeremy Wafer; Client Relations Manager, Jeff Zock PLA; Director of Landscape Architecture, Jose Lopez; Chief Financial Officer, Jake Lavagnino; Founder & President, Lesli Gammel; Operations Manager, Nicole Smith; Marketing Director, Sean Gammel; Resident Master Electrician, Brooke Bourn; Client Administrator

Lavagnino and his team, which includes landscape architect Jeff Zock, PLA, who has over 25 years in the industry and has designed multiple Pinnacle Award-winning projects, and tile-installation expert John Drimmel, whose work was featured on the cover of Luxury Pools magazine’s Fall/Winter 2019 edition, are truly redefining outdoor living.  

Lavagnino’s certifications through Columbia University of Engineering, Genesis Pool & Spa Education and Watershape University reflect his commitment to providing top-quality outdoor living spaces.

His decision to relocate from the Midwest to Florida and establish Enclave was based on his desire to integrate all the moving pieces into one process, instead of doing only one of the total program scope’s widgets. He hopes to set a new standard for outdoor living in the heart of outdoor living country.

For Lavagnino, helping clients build outdoor living spaces is an exciting process. “Each project is different,” he says. “And we go about each one differently.” 

The end result is a stunning outdoor space that perfectly complements the client’s lifestyle and preferences.

Learn more at enclavepools.com

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