• What Makes a Great Pool Design?

    There are many descriptive words used to define pool types—traditional, modern, freeform, geometric–the list goes on and on. When asked to comment on the quality
  • The Evolution of the Cabana

    It wasn’t until the first century B.C. that the Romans invented swimming pools, originally used for bathing and seen as a sacred communal activity by
  • Outdoor Oasis

    Most pool designers agree that a certain level of intrigue is necessary to foster a feeling of full immersion in a pool-centric landscape. Primary and
  • Make Your Pool a Tropical Oasis

    Who doesn’t want a tropical oasis in their backyard, where they can relax and take a dip when the weather’s hot? However, there is more
  • Landscape Lighting Design Tips

    There is something magical about a poolscape at night. When the sun sets, a different vibe takes over the scene—something romantic, more intriguing. This is
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