Walls of Glass

Create a seamless indoor-outdoor space with walls of glass and sliding or fold-back doors

When it comes to living on the coast or in the country, certain things cannot be compromised—you want to enjoy every sunrise and sunset, every sweeping panorama, and that expanse of horizon where your infinity pool meets the sky.

However, excessive sun, wind, sea spray, insects, and wildlife can make a home and pool house vulnerable—especially in coastal and central regions where storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes are a part of weather patterns.

Luckily, an array of custom window and door manufacturers are meeting the demands for uncompromised views, seamless design, cutting-edge technology, and maximum safety and performance with products designed to bring the outside in—while standing up to the toughest conditions.

Here are Luxury Pool’s pick of window and door experts and their take on the top trends:


Photo by Lawrence Anderson



The “Bear” Necessities

NanaWall Systems pioneered operable glass walls and has been perfecting them since the company, based in Corte Madera, California, was founded in 1986. Two recent product releases —FoldFlat and BEARricade—take design and safety to the next level.

The patent-pending and industry-first FoldFlat technology allows folding glass wall panels to stack and fold flat against the wall, completely out of the way.

“Standard opening glass walls protrude onto the pool deck or patio space because they can only stop halfway,” says NanaWall Systems CEO Ebrahim Nana. “With NanaWall FoldFlat, we have invented a solution for builders and homeowners to gain back that living space by folding the panels entirely against the wall.”

Another innovation is the BEARricade folding glass wall offering security from bears and other wildlife. “Bears learn how to enter homes simply by using their immense strength and weight to push open French doors, and even breaking the glass on typical sliding doors,” says Nana.

“BEARricade solves that issue by providing unparalleled strength and durability to keep wildlife out, yet opens wide to erase indoor/outdoor boundaries when the coast is clear.”



Photo by Nelson Kon

Clean, minimal designs by LaCantina Doors.


A Material World

“Door and window systems that are most in demand for homes and pool houses are energy efficient, sustainable, versatile, and create seamless indoor/outdoor spaces,” says Benjamin Woo, marketing director for LaCantina Doors.

Based in Oceanside, California, the award-winning firm offers a range of material options including aluminum, thermally controlled aluminum, aluminum wood, contemporary clad, wood, and vinyl to complement any architectural style.

“Our product lines offer clean, minimal designs with narrow stile-and-rail profiles, allowing for more natural light and fresh air, promoting greener living, and enhancing indoor/outdoor lifestyles and entertaining,” he adds.

The firm’s new vinyl folding door system is energy efficient, low maintenance, performs well in all environments, and is available in standard and custom door sizes, making it an ideal choice for home renovations or new construction.



Photo by Mark Boisclair

Fleetwood seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces to maximize views and living space.


The Bigger the Better

In the ever-evolving world of residential and pool house windows and doors, one thing remains constant: size matters.

“The biggest trend we’re seeing is the demand for the largest pieces of glass within an operable system that can disappear into a pocket when opened,” says Mark McCoy, vice president of sales for Fleetwood Windows & Doors, based in Corona, California.

“Our Series 3070 and 3070-T sliding doors are a perfect fit for this, as they offer enormous sizes, slim sightlines, and a weather-rated sub-sillpan option that creates a flush threshold at the finished flooring.

“The sub-sillpan system not only provides a continuous floor look, but is also rated for water, air, and structural performance. It comprises a trough-style sillpan buried beneath the door tracks with intermittent drainage holes connected to a drainage system to evacuate any captured water.”

McCoy says the systems seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces while effectively securing and weather-sealing the home when closed.



Photo by Jeff Veire
Kolbe open and closed multislide pocket doors.


The Touch of a Button

Automation is one of the hottest trends in home and pool design and the technology now extends to windows and doors.

“One of the newest innovations is the ability to automate our expansive opening products,” says Lance Premeau, product and market manager for Kolbe Windows & Doors, based in Wausau, Wisconsin.

The new technology extends to Kolbe’s portfolio of multislide pocket doors, lift and slide doors, swing doors, as well as awning and casement windows.

The clever automation utilizes an interactive wall switch, providing easy-to-use, push-button controls, as well as a feedback feature for serviceability. Optional items include a wireless remote, overhead motion sensor kit, and phone apps.

“The system allows the homeowner to open and close these expansive doors with the touch of a button,” Premeau adds.



Photo courtesy of Chin MacQuoid Fleming Harris/Prudential Utah Real Estate.

Panda Windows & Doors.


A Select Gathering

“Spaces created for outdoor living and entertaining have become increasingly popular,” says Ximena Rojas, marketing director for Las Vegas-based Panda Windows & Doors.

Floor-to-ceiling, multi-slide door systems using flush track systems offer powerful visual appeal, a barefoot and trip-free environment, and state-of-the-art drainage technology protecting the system from water infiltration—all ideal in pool environments.

The firm’s new PandaSelect multislide product line features monumental panels with frame heights up to 10 feet tall and five feet wide, allowing for stackable or pocketed configurations with a maximum of five panels per side.

Its ultrathin 3 3/16-inch stile-and-rail profile creates a stunning glass façade that maximizes views and acts as a barrier between the interior and outdoor living spaces.

“With four frame material choices, PandaSelect complements any architectural style while meeting design goals, performance criteria, and budgetary constraints,” Rojas adds.



Photo courtesy of courtesy Marvin Windows

Marvin Ultimate Multi-Slide Door.


Breaking Down Barriers

Exceptional quality has been a hallmark of Marvin Windows and Doors, headquartered in Warroad, Minnesota, since the firm was founded in 1912. Today, Marvin’s product lines continue to set benchmarks in homes across America.

“Our most recent release, the Ultimate Multi-Slide Door, offers large expanses up to 50 feet wide by 12 feet tall as well as industry-leading energy efficiency and durability,” comments Christine Marvin, director of marketing. “It’s absolutely stunning and opens up a home to the outdoor pool area.”

Marvin also released a large sliding screen system on the Ultimate Multi-Slide Door that keeps insects and airborne debris at bay.

The firm’s exterior cladding—made from durable extruded aluminum coated with Fluropon with 70 percent PVDF—is also ideal for coastal and pool environments, resisting chalking, fading, pitting, corrosion, and marring, thereby retaining its looks for years.



Photo courtesy of courtesy of Weiland Sliding Doors

Weiland doors are used in many coastal homes.


It’s all about the View

Like all good custom door manufacturers, Weiland Sliding Doors, an Andersen company, likes to think big to maximize a home’s views.

Offering seamless transitions from inside to out, the Weiland liftslide comes in very large sizes, several configurations, an integrated screen system, and weather-rated flush tracks.

Founded in 1984 in the San Diego, California, area, the company builds sliding doors for openings up to 16 feet tall and 60 feet wide, with configurations including pocketing, corner, curved, folding, and pivoting doors.

A Weiland liftslide provides a unique combination of extreme performance with a flush threshold, extending only 3/16 of an inch above the finished floor.

“Our doors also provide exceptional weather protection when in a closed position, having met stringent hurricane standards,” says Sue Weiland, the firm’s business services manager.

“Weiland doors are used in many coastal areas, such as the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Baja, to name a few, and emphasize the indoor/outdoor lifestyle so many homeowners aspire to.”


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