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Weathering the Storm: Celebrating Strength and Resilience

(Above) This 18’ x 42’ pool/spa combo has an oversized tanning ledge and long entry steps. It features a moody dark reflective St. Marteen Quartzscapes interior finish. Photography by Prime Folio Inc., Greg Butler

Aloha Pools Inc. has much to celebrate. Beyond the easing of numerous Covid pressures, 2023 signifies their 20th year of constructing a thriving referral-based business throughout the Charlotte area. They’ve observed Charlotte’s expansive growth, and many have entrusted Aloha Pools to craft their backyard havens, resulting in countless hours of cherished memories. As they anticipate the future in Charlotte past their two-decade milestone, the showcased pools epitomize the remarkable projects they’ve conceived and realized during the Covid era.

 No one will easily forget the personal challenges of the pandemic, and Aloha Pools is no exception. Confronted with material scarcities, logistical complications, skyrocketing costs, and workforce deficits, they grappled with the hurdles of delivering their hallmark creations. There were instances when they tirelessly scoured online and offline resources to obtain the necessary materials, all while managing NORTH CAROLINA ALOHA POOLS, INC. health-related absences among their team.

This pool and level spa with Pebble Sheen French Grey interior was a challenging build due to tight historical access and limited material options, all while building around the property’s magnificent oak tree.

Yet, adversity often brings invaluable lessons. They evolved, and most importantly, felt the profound appreciation from their clientele. Observing the pure elation of clients upon seeing their finished projects significantly influenced Aloha Pools’ journey through these testing times. While meeting the initial surge in demand during the early days of Covid was challenging, they successfully executed numerous standout projects promptly.

By maintaining a manageable backlog, they preserved a semblance of regularity and command over their offerings. Despite the demanding nature of the pool industry, their team has consistently demonstrated commitment and dedication. Over the years, Aloha’s designers, superintendents, artisans, suppliers, and tradespeople have devoted their careers to the sector. The Aloha brand wouldn’t have achieved its current stature without their collective effort. Thus, it is important to honor these individuals, applauding their skills, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to excellence, even in trying times.

Built on a narrow lot, this epic hybrid L-shaped design has gorgeous lines and a Mikal Tube custom diving board.

A notable highlight is the induction of pivotal members to the Aloha ensemble. Despite overarching challenges, the pandemic era has served as a pivotal learning curve for Aloha Pools. It has underscored the significance of their offerings and the happiness their ventures bestow. Peering into the future, they recognize that outdoor spaces hold as much importance as a home’s interior.

Contemporary clients yearn for quality moments in their exteriors, enriched with diverse activities and visual appeal. Aloha Pools’ dedication to delivering a premium experience remains steadfast. They endeavor to produce exquisite projects that complement and elevate their clients’ outdoor ambiance and way of life.

This 6’ x 40’ technical build between two exterior walls of the residence features a Pebble Fina Black Galaxy interior finish. 

Their 3D visualizations provide a precise glimpse of potential outcomes, and it’s heartening to note that their finalized projects often align with or exceed these visions. Beyond visual allure, their primary objective is ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of the pools by emphasizing superior materials, top-notch hydraulic systems, and imparting essential knowledge to every client. Whether individuals seek a serene sanctuary, a lavish gathering spot, or a fitness zone, Aloha Pools is committed to actualizing their dreams.

A lovely freeform pool hugs this yard adorned with sheer descents, natural accents, lounge space, and a jump rock. 

 Beyond pool projects, they also specialize in crafting entertainment zones, fire amenities, landscaping, and outdoor culinary spaces. Their team’s dedication to conceptualizing and constructing enhancements that resonate with homeowners is truly praiseworthy. For further insights on how Aloha Pools can transform your outdoor space into a personal haven, explore their website at or engage with them on social media platforms.

6401-A Orr Road, Charlotte, NC, 28213
In Business since 2003
Designs/Builds 40-45 Pools per Year
SERVICE AREA: Greater Charlotte

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