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Merging Art and Architecture in Backyard Paradises

(Above) A 20-person spa designed for a family that enjoys fun on the lake. The spa was designed with ClearWater Tech Ozone and glass filtration for clean, clear and a safe swimming environment. The spa is raised to the main level of the lake house to ensure line of sight from the interior. The fire bowls wrap around the sitting area. The multi-level outdoor space was designed by Ali Enterprises Inc. and built by Crystal Pools LLC. Photographs by Rick Smoak Photography

Crystal Pools LLC brings your backyard escape dreams to life. With an understanding that the creation of the perfect outdoor haven entails meticulous planning and expertise in drainage, elevations, structural and code requirements, they ensure a product built to last. Since 1972, the Crystal Pools team has guaranteed their crafted water environments withstand the test of time. But beyond the technicalities, achieving the ideal outdoor setting demands a keen eye for color, texture, and diverse materials.

 It’s about ensuring the finished project resonates with your style, harmonizes with your home, and leverages the beauty of the natural surroundings. To this end, Crystal Pools collaborates closely with Ali Enterprises Inc., reviewing designs for both renovations and new constructions. Every space is crafted to entice exploration, offer relaxation, and perhaps, inspire a moment with a glass of bourbon.

At the heart of Crystal Pools is Ali Felschow, its present owner, who also founded Ali Enterprises Inc. As a second-generation pool builder with a background in art, Ali infuses unique design elements, making each pool distinctively tailored to its owner. “Crystal Pools is more than a business; it’s a family,” says Ali. “Our ethos reaches out to our clients. We’re dedicated to ongoing learning across all company facets. Our team’s extensive knowledge ensures unparalleled expertise.”

Even after a project’s completion, Crystal Pools LLC stands by its commitment, offering services and maintenance for years. From the blueprint phase to decades of family fun, they’re by your side. As Ali fondly shares, “There’s a special joy in hearing from a client who’s inherited their parents’ home and continues to relish their pool.”

1101 Sparkleberry Ln Ext, Suite A
Columbia, SC 29223
In Business Since 1972
Designs and Builds 10-15 Pools per Year
SERVICE AREA: South Carolina

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