The Spa: Raising Luxury To A New Level

The art of custom spa design has truly risen to a new level. The options read like a menu from your favorite resort destination.

Spa with perimeter-overflow by Mission Pools.
Mission Pools.

The art of custom spa design has truly risen to a new level. The options read like a menu from your favorite resort destination:

  • Integrated sound systems
  • Custom jet placement for optimum hydrotherapy
  • Custom molded seating
  • Adjustable lighting
  • Temperature control
  • Mobile control of all the above

The options for the visual design of a luxury spa are ever evolving as well.  Here are a few we are finding on trend for 2016:

Raised Perimeter-Overflow Spa

The popularity of this spa design is most definitely on this rise.  The technique is used as an integrated option within or attached to the pool as well as a popular stand-alone design. The raised perimeter-overflow spa appears to sit above the water line while in reality, the spa walls are set lower than the water level allowing the water to spill over each side of the spa. The visual is breathtaking when combined with a light catching material like glass tile.  We are also seeing acrylic elements incorporated into this spa design providing luxury all around.

Non-attached Spa

There are times when a luxury spa needs a space all to itself and is not designed in or attached to the swimming pool.  Often the homeowner elects to have the pool and spa in separate areas to give the spa a bit more privacy. Whether it is to accommodate a small space, or to fill an expansive outdoor area, the standalone or non-attached spa is a design trend whose popularity commands attention.

Integrated Spa

The integrated spa design offers amazing options for placement in the swimming pool. Often, this design is almost invisible from a distance as the spa is so well incorporated into the overall design of the pool that it disappears into the design scheme.  Add to this design the options of a vast array of light reflective materials and viola! Luxury abounds.

Spa With Overflow Into Pool

The sound of water falling is said to be one of the most relaxing design elements available to swimming pool design.  A swimming pool with an attached raised spa offers the chance to incorporate the visual and audible appeal of water in motion. Typically, sections of the top of the spa are designed as open spaces serving as a spillway allowing water from the spa to cascade into the pool.

Attached Raised Spa

An attached raised spa is elevated above the pool typically from 6 to 18 inches.  An attached spa is constructed adjacent to the pool but, unlike an integrated spa, the pool and spa appear as separate entities.

Custom designed to blend with the overall feel of the poolscape many opt for design elements that add another dimension to the pool design.  The end result places the attached raised spa as an attractive, additional focal point.

Health Benefits of Warm Water Immersion

With the vast options available for custom spa design, the trend of incorporating the luxury spa into an overall design plan for outdoor spaces is certainly on the rise.  Another important element to consider however is the health benefits provided through warm water immersion.  Research shows measureable benefits to both body and mind from the simple act of immersion in warm water.   Those benefits include:

  • Increased circulation
  • More efficient breathing
  • Improvements in mood
  • Lower resting pulse rate
  • Can assist in healing of muscles and/or joint injuries.

A custom spa can add an element of luxury to the end of every day.

Take a look at this scenario: You leave the office after the typical day of too many conference calls and deadlines.  While on your commute, with a few flicks of your thumb you set the spa temperature and lighting. You arrive at home and shed the cares of the day slipping into your spa for a custom massage that relaxes you physically and allows your mind to de-stress and re-energize for the evening.  After fifteen minutes of alone time, you welcome the kids in to join you and everyone shares and catches up on the day. Your family’s oasis has a new element of luxury combined with an additional set of benefits.

Explore your options for adding an additional element of luxury to your outdoor living space this year. For additional resources visit

For additional information on warm water immersion visit the National Swimming Pool Foundation website & download their free Hot Water & Healthy Living publication.

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