Top Trends in Pool Decking & Coping

Discover new decking materials and coping designs for your pool

The decking and coping around your pool are a major component in the design of your overall outdoor living space. We spoke to top manufacturers to get the details on some new and innovative options.

Photo courtesy of Florim USA

Versatile outdoor flooring by Florim USA can resemble natural stone, wood, or concrete.


Florim USA recently launched its line of 2cm porcelain tile, a highly durable and versatile outdoor flooring product that can be made to resemble natural stone, wood, concrete, and other materials, allowing for a lot of design flexibility. “Using multiple sizes to create unique patterns for driveways, pool decks, and patios enhances the overall aesthetic,” says Jana Manzella, private label, key accounts, and marketing manager of Florim USA. Regarding trends, Manzella expects to see a lot of natural stone looks this year, especially gray stone.


Photo courtesy of Bison Innovative Products

Bison Innovative Products wood tiles contain a variety of graining and colorations.


Outdoor tile is slip-resistant as well as resistant to pool chemicals, mold, mildew, salt, stains, and corrosion, making it a great option for pool decks. “You can install [our 2cm porcelain tile] directly on grass, on gravel and sand, with adhesive, or with a raised pedestal system,” says Manzella. “It’s easy to lay and reposition.”

Another beautiful decking option is natural wood tile. “Bison wood tiles are made from exotic hardwoods, which contain a rich variety of graining and coloration, are exceptionally dense, and resistant to insects,” says Matt McClaugherty, VP of sales and marketing at Bison Innovative Products. “If maintaining the wood color is desired, wood tiles can be periodically cleaned and sealed. [If] left to weather naturally, [they] will develop a silvery-gray patina.”

Ipe has been Bison’s most popular wood tile over the past five years, but “species like cumaru, garapa, and mahogany give customers an array of colors and finishing options,” making them more popular lately,” says McClaugherty.


Photo by Motley Mélange

Bobé Water & Fire’s grass edge system.


If you’re looking for pool coping options, Cardinal Systems, Inc. manufacturers a reusable, decorative cantilever form product for pool builders. “Homeowners can choose from seven different styles/edges,” says Creative Brand Manager Lynn Gano. “Unlike pavers, this system allows for a custom decorative edge to a concrete deck.” Gano foresees textured cantilever edges and deck stamping as the main trend in pool coping this year.

A unique alternative to coping is a “grass edge,” which eliminates the need for coping and creates a seamless look. “Zero coping designs, like our grass edge, [are] the perfect answer for someone looking for a softer, more minimalist design,” says Julie Crone, co-owner and COO of Bobé Water & Fire, a sheet metal design, fabrication, and engineering company specializing in this feature. “The grass edge system can be installed on both straight and freeform pools as we can fabricate the pieces to match any design, new or remodeled.”

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