A Relaxing Haven for Leisure

Blue Haven Pools enhances and remodels a waterfront pool and entertaining space in Australia.

Renovations and remodels are a complex undertaking. Creating an outdoor space that reflects your personal style—and lifestyle—is high on most homeowners’ lists. So, when one family in Sans Souci, Sydney, Australia wanted to enhance their entertainment area by renovating their pool and installing a new spa, they turned to the experts at Blue Haven Pools, the Sydney-based multi-award winning pool builders.

The key was to make the pool and spa sit in harmony with each other. Since there was already an existing body of water as the background view of the area, the challenge was how to make the pool the focal point in a way that complements the view rather than it being the actual attraction.

“Our team worked closely with the clients to achieve the desired results,” comments Remonda Martinez, CEO of Blue Haven Pools. “They were very open in expressing how they want the pool to be sympathetic and understated to the environment to fully evoke the meaning of Sans Souci. Sans Souci is a French adjective that means carefree and without any worries or concerns. In this case, Sans Souci for us is a place for relaxation that the clients ultimately want reflected in their entertainment area.”

Behind the Structural Renovation

The original pool was constructed from free form concrete which had higher coping than the surrounds. The original pool did not have a wet edge either, so it was all included as part of the renovation when the spa was installed.

The project designer used the wet edge to act as a seawall and the balance tank was designed with two walls to overcome the complexities of the seawall overflow. Dominant colors used for the entire project were white and blue in different shades and hues to evoke a palpable sense of refined comfort and luxury.

The site was complex with constant spear pumping required due to the water table and rising tides.

The pool floor was knocked out to drop the level of a new shell and lower the new pool structure to seamlessly integrate with the newly planned surrounds and pergola area. The flooring now features an elegant form of limestone called travertine, which made the new build look even more textured and perfect for an earthy vibe. Furthermore, travertine is durable, stylish, and adds incredible value to the property.

Renovations require expertise, years of experience, talent, and exhaustive planning.

“We take pride in our team that they are all these and more. This structural renovation project demonstrates the diversity of skills in our experienced team because the artful renovation spared the owners the pain of having to deconstruct their backyard,” adds Martinez.

The desired optical illusion was successfully achieved, wherein the two bodies of water seemingly became one. Sans Souci indeed embodies a relaxing haven for leisure, which can also be the perfect spot for activities other than swimming.

The entertainment area is now fully equipped with layers, textures, spa water, and other key elements that truly represent the feeling of being at home. The presence of palm trees also helps provide shadows for comfort and shade any time of the day.

From a distance, anyone will feel the ambience that the homeowners wanted for the space. As you move closer, you won’t fail to notice the unfolding layers of complexities that beautifully speak volumes of Blue Haven’s intricate work. The stunning vista can now be enjoyed by the homeowners and their guests from all angles, throughout the day.

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