At Last, Luxurious, Safe, Enjoyable and Non-Toxic Water Treatment

Clear Comfort’s leading AOP technology delivers safe, drinking-water chemical levels in your pool and spa.

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When George and Deanna Hill moved into their new California home, they wanted to install a pool—but only if it would be low-maintenance and provide a safe and healthy swimming experience. “We wanted an alternative that did not dry our skin nor did it make our eyes red, especially with the kids,” says Deanna, “and that we could enjoy without a lot of maintenance.”

The Hills turned to Clear Comfort treatment systems. They wanted to spend more time enjoying their pool, and less time maintaining chlorine levels.

What if you could purify your swimming pool the way the Earth’s atmosphere naturally cleans the air? That’s exactly what Clear Comfort CEO and co-founder Steve Berens set out to do in 2014 with the advent of a water treatment technology that drastically minimizes a pool’s need for toxic pool chemicals. Clear Comfort gives your pool nontoxic, odorless, crystal clear water.

Clear Comfort uses a patented advanced oxidation process (AOP) system to bring you the clearest, cleanest water possible. “Clear Comfort provides the healthiest pool water on the market with the safest and least amount of chlorine possible,” says Berens. And all their products are American-made in Colorado.

An AOP creates hydroxyl radicals, which rapidly oxidize and destroy contaminants from the water during filtration. Clear Comfort’s residential pool system can treat up to 90 gallons of water per minute. And it cleans pool water even more thoroughly than traditional chlorine or saltwater pools—certain pathogens, like Cryptosporidium, are chlorine-resistant, while Clear Comfort has been proven in independent lab tests to destroy 99.99% of such protozoans.

Not only does this drastically reduce your pool’s need for chlorine down to drinking-water levels, but it also eliminates harmful disinfection by-products (DBPs) created during chlorine sanitation.

Today, George and Deanna say they notice a difference in the feel of their new softer, silkier pool water. They no longer experience eye and skin irritation from their pool, and they can invite their family over to swim knowing that they have lessened their risk of developing allergies and asthma associated with harmful pool disinfection by-products (DBPs). With Clear Comfort, their children and guests can swim happy with no heavy chlorine scent, no irritated skin and no red eyes after coming up from underwater.

“The water is always clear—there is no smell, there is no skin irritation, no red eyes. You can just jump in and swim any time of the day or night and know that you’re getting into clear water,” says Deanna.

With their previous saltwater pool system, the Hills grew tired of having algae on the sides of the pool and the risk of corroding their plumbing supply with salt. But Clear Comfort is even gentler on their pool surfaces, plumbing, and equipment. “Clear Comfort extends the life of a luxury pool with water treatment that is non-corrosive,” Berens explains.

And Clear Comfort is just as good for the environment as it is for the Hills and their family. “By minimizing the use of chlorine and other pool chemicals, Clear Comfort pool owners are helping reduce toxic chemical handling, storage, and inevitable spread into our ecosystem,” says Berens.

The company’s AOP system provides a deeper clean to your pool water with less harmful impact on the environment—while hydroxyl radicals are the most powerful compound for cleaning your water, they also occur naturally in the Earth’s atmosphere. These short-lived and potent radicals form when the sun’s UV rays reacts with water and oxygen in the air. The unstable hydroxyls quickly seek to stabilize by attaching to and destroying contaminants in the air like microorganisms and pollutants.

Clear Comfort’s installation process is quick and easy, and only requires an annual 5-minute cartridge replacement for system maintenance. And the system is available for any type of pool, from residential to commercial, and from small hot tubs and spas to large water parks.

Clear Comfort provides the ultimate cherry on top to any truly luxurious pool. “The most beautiful pools deserve the best water that is healthy, effective, non-corrosive and sustainable,” says Berens.

To learn more about how you can get the healthiest, clearest, and freshest-feeling water with the least amount of chlorine possible, click here.

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