Manta Pool Thermometer: First 100% Solar Powered and WiFi-Enabled Pool Thermometer

Built in Tampa, Florida, the new solar pool thermometers are launching soon from new tech startup Manta.

The Manta Pool Thermometer is the world’s first one hundred percent solar powered and WiFi enabled pool thermometer.

It has accompanying free mobile apps available on iOS and Android. These mobile apps display your current as well as historical temperature data. They also allow you to set notifications so you are aware of when your pool or spa has reached your optimal temperature! Manta’s long term vision includes adding more free features to the mobile app that make life easier for pool and spa owners.

In addition to the mobile apps, you are able to ask your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for your current water temperature. Manta is also building a Home Assistant MQTT integration for the DIY home automation enthusiasts out there.

The thermometer is built to last with a five to seven year manufacturer estimated lifespan on the battery as well as the solar panel. This blows away the average solar powered electronic devices that often use epoxy based panels with only a one year rating!

Manta is a new technology startup based out of Tampa, Florida and is super excited to bring this product to market. They are past the prototyping phase and are preparing to enter production for this first device. All of the final product assembly will be done locally in Tampa and they are working to source as many components as they can on domestic soil.

If you are interested, you can let them know by submitting an email at and they will notify you of their launch. You are also given the exclusive opportunity to reserve a device for an early access discount.

Any questions, comments, or business inquiries can be emailed directly to their CEO, Daniel, at

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