Don’t Add a Pool, Add a Luxurious Poolscape

Photo courtesy of Master Pools Builder: Medallion Pool Company, Inc., Asheville, North Carolina. Photo by Danny Radcliff


Summer is on its way, and you need a place to enjoy the warm weather. The temptation is a pool. Indeed, a swimming pool is a traditional option which has served families for decades. But, there is a new kid in town, and that kid’s name is poolscape. Yep, as the name suggests, this technique mixes a pool and landscaping together to form the ultimate summer getaway. What makes it a better choice than a pool, you ask? Simple – all the reasons below!


It’s Bigger

Bigger isn’t always better, but it is in this case. Let’s face it – no one wants a small pool. The disadvantages are obvious, plus it just doesn’t look the part. However, a big swimming pool is expensive and takes up a lot of space. Thankfully, a poolscape is the answer. Because of the fluid design, the ‘scape blends into the garden like it was there all along. Plus, there is no need for bulky design flaws like panels and an elevated platform which take up the room. Once the pool area is dug out, the rest of the garden forms around it to create a nice, open space. Sure, the cost is still on the high side, but you get more bang for your buck. The size of the pool depends on how big you want to make it.


Uses More Space

The idea of using more space might not seem like a beneficial idea. The reality is that it’s an excellent idea. Ask any designer, and they will say the same thing: you have to occupy the space. Otherwise, the area looks cold and bare and inhospitable. With an area as big as the garden, it can be hard to find a feature big enough to make a dent. After all, there is only so many deck chairs in the world! A poolscape not only takes up space, but it occupies the room that is hard to fill too. The corners are always the most difficult gaps to fill in because they are tight. A poolscape negates this as you can dig out the corners and merge them with the pool. Well, you can’t, but a professional can!



Anyone that has ever seen a poolscape understands that they look like the real deal. It’s the sheer size of them that grabs the eye and can’t make you turn away. Plus, there is the fact that it is so modern and contemporary. They aren’t many pools that mix shrubbery with swimming, but a poolscape tends to make it feel seamless. On the whole, they look much nicer than a regular pool because they can look tacky and cheap. Poolscapes aren’t the same as the fluid design never makes them seem vulgar.


Easy To Clean

Everyone that owns a pool has a cleaner like Spray and Forget to keep the area dirt-free. Still, even the best bleaches can come unstuck when the dirt and grime build up by the pool. The problem is that there is so many hard to reach places, and the dirt gets into the creases making it difficult to tidy. A poolscape doesn’t have the same problems because it’s open. Most ‘scapes use tiles and garden flags, and they are very easy to clean. Sure, the dirt from the rest of the garden can get into the water because the pool is on ground level. But, a net and regular pool maintenance should be enough to keep the water sanitary.



The last thing you want when you are chilling in the pool is to feel the eyes of your neighbors on your back. The thought of it is so creepy that it sends shivers down the spine! Unfortunately, a lot of people have to put up with the inconvenience as an elevated pool can affect next door’s privacy. The cheek! Luckily, there is no need for elevated platforms and high fences. With the use of a handful of plant pots and shrubs, no one will be able to see you bathe. The height and density of the plants should be enough to obscure their view and give you more privacy. Having a lower pool sounds like it would be less private, but that isn’t the case.


There are negatives that make the decision a difficult one to make, like the cost. But, on the whole, the positives outweigh the negatives. Don’t you want a pool that is private and is the envy of the neighborhood? Well, now you can! Enjoy.


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