How to Customize Your Spa into a One-of-a-Kind Backyard Getaway

Some of the features popular in portable hot tubs can be incorporated into custom-crafted spas.

James Scott, SWD


Custom seating positions are becoming more popular, making the design process more sophisticated as seating positions with jets must be established in different spots—on the feet, behind the calves, etc. Standing positions are also possible. In some setups, you can stand, look out over the view, and get a massage from numerous jets along the vertical. Some designers and builders are creating reclining benches instead of just the straight up and down bench. This tends to mimic the comfort found in some prefabricated/portable hot tub units.

Spas have become larger to allow for more people as well as for comfort and personal space. A larger spa also allows for a full set of steps, which makes for graceful ingress and egress. Some spas may also have a “deep end” where there may be no benches, but the water is a foot deeper and you can sink down. As I mentioned earlier, however, the spa must still be in scale with the pool so as to not overpower it.

I have designed a larger spa with a swim jet installed at one end so it can be used as a swim spa. Swim spas are great for clients who have limited space or want the simplicity of a smaller pool. Plus, they can still use the spa for more traditional benefits.

Other top spa features include LED lights and water in transit, which offer great visual appeal whether you’re relaxing with one other person or entertaining a crowd.

No matter the size or design, custom spas are an ideal addition to any luxury pool.


Photo courtesy of Stone Mason of spring: photography by John Guild,

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