The Benefits of Adding a Tanning Ledge to Your Pool

Everything you need to know about tanning ledges, and how to incorporate one in your own pool.

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To get in the pool or not get in the pool—there’s an easy way to answer that age-old question. With a tanning ledge, the answer is both. Also called a baja shelf or a splash pad, tanning ledges allow you to relax in your pool without having to get completely wet. And Melanie Bell, Brand Strategist at Ledge Lounger, recommends them to anyone asking about pools.

“You can get the benefits of a pool without having to fully commit,” explains Bell. They’ve become one of the most popular pool features, and for good reason. They make for a versatile, multi-purpose space where you can catch some rays, entertain, play games, or even work from home.

“It’s like planning the entry of your house,” says Bell. “It’s the perfect opportunity to welcome whoever’s using your pool.”


Perfect for Entertaining

When you’re entertaining, a tanning ledge helps you bring all areas of your pool and outdoor living space together. Guests aren’t separated by those in the pool and those out of the pool, allowing the spaces to flow more smoothly together.

Ledge Lounger creates stylish in-pool furniture like barstools and chaises to help you maximize and perfect your outdoor entertaining space. Their in-pool tables even have ice bins to keep your drinks cool, while their cushions and umbrellas keep the space comfortable. Ledge Lounger’s in-pool products are hollow, making them simple to install—simply fill the inside with water to keep them grounded on your ledge.



Tanning ledges typically have a depth between six and twelve inches, meaning small children can play confidently in the shallow water. One of Ledge Lounger’s newest products is their Signature Slide. Designed to be placed on your ledge, the new play furniture allows children to slide down into the shallow water. The slip-resistant stairs and rounded edges of the slide mean hours of safe fun on the tanning ledge.

A tanning ledge also makes for a safe spot for pets to cool off on a hot day—especially smaller dogs!


Luxurious Look

Adding a tanning ledge is a simple way to elevate the look of your pool. And with Ledge Lounger’s sleek, high quality in-pool products, you’re on your way to creating a resort in your own backyard.

When you’re not hosting family or entertaining the kids, a tanning ledge helps make your backyard a serene getaway for a bit of “me” time. One of Ledge Lounger’s most popular products is their Signature Chaise, allowing you to lay back and relax partially submerged in the water to stay nice and cool.


Create Serenity

Even if your ledge is too small to put furniture on, Bell still recommends a ledge in any pool. “It’s such a unique opportunity,” she says, explaining that they work in all types of pools—vinyl, fiberglass, or concrete. But if you do plan to incorporate in-pool furniture on your ledge, Bell suggests bringing that up to your pool builder in the early design stages so measurements can be exact. “When you have that careful consideration on the front end, it makes it all the better when you’re using it,” she says.

“While ledges are great for entertaining,” says Bell, “if you adorn it with just an umbrella or you put a piece of furniture in it, you’ve created this little oasis—something to look out at that’ll inspire you or at least take you mind off things.”

“If I’m ever giving anyone advice, it’s put a ledge in your pool,” says Bell.

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