Product We Love: ThermaPANEL

Good for the environment, made in the USA, and a useful addition to your outdoor living design makes the ThermaPANEL a product we love!

Installed under the pavement surface, heat exchange fluid is pumped evenly through the panels in turbulent flow channels creating an even and efficient transfer of energy between the fluid and the surface. The ThermaPanel collects thermal solar energy for heating swimming pools while cooling the pavement surface at the same time. In the winter, ThermaPANEL melts snow on exterior surfaces using low temperature heat sources such as geothermal energy, waste energy, stored thermal energy, or high-efficiency conventional heat sources.

These modular heat exchangers can be installed under sidewalks, plazas, rooftop patios, driveways, and even roads. Rooftop pedestal mounted ThermaPANEL panels work with 2′ x 2′ and 600mm x 600mm pavers or stones and are compatible with all pedestal types. The surface mounted version can be used with any paver, brick, flagstone, poured concrete or asphalt surfaces.

ThermaPANEL panels are 100% made in the USA and utilize the latest in bimodal copolymer plastic resin technology to produce a durable, easy to install heat exchange system.  Panels are joined to form parallel rows with induction welded PE-RT tubing eliminating the need for any mechanical connections that would be susceptible to leaking.  ThermaPANEL is available in oxygen or non-oxygen barring versions.


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