“Build” a Pool in Your Backyard with Latham Pools’ Visualizer Apps

Whether you’re about to install a pool or just warming up to the idea, Latham Pool’s newly updated visualizer tools help make the pool-buying process easier (and more fun).


As the days grow longer and the flowers pop out of the ground, we’re reminded that summer still comes, no matter what. But summer looks a lot different this year. If your scheduled vacations haven’t been cancelled yet, there’s a good chance they might be soon, and many more of us have chosen to forgo our getaways in the coming months out of regard for safety and governmental guidelines.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could get the relaxing atmosphere and luxurious amenities of a tropical vacation in our own yards? A stay-cation, if you will? More and more people are looking to do just that by installing a pool. And Latham Pool’s newly updated pool visualizer apps help make that pool installing process much smoother.

“More and more people are looking at their backyards as a vacation destination and determining what to include for it to resemble a resort or other get-away,” said Jodie Davis, director of marketing at Latham Pool Products, Inc. “The apps are giving families the opportunity to continue planning without having to physically leave their homes.”

The pool company based out of upstate New York offers a pool visualizer application for your iPhone, plus a liner visual tool for your computer. The AR (Augmented Reality) Pool Visualizer Application allows you to actually see a pool in your backyard through augmented reality technology. The Latham Liner Visualizer Tool allows you to select a pool style and shape, and then choose from over thirty different liners to actually visual which choice is best for your backyard.

“We get countless inquiries from homeowners each year asking to see images of actual pool installs so that they can visualize the pool shape and its color or pattern in their space,” said Will Cappiello, Latham’s product director. He believes these tools helps clients make more informed decisions about the appearance of their new pool.

“Our goal with these digital resources is to make the pool-buying process easier,” said Scott Rajeski, Latham’s president and CEO.

Here’s how the AR Pool Visualizer works: download the app from the App Store. Open up the app and click “Browse by Shape.” Here you can choose from almost fifteen different pool shapes and sizes in twelve different colors. Once you’ve chosen the pool you want to try out first, click “View in Scale” or “View in Miniature,” hold your phone or iPad up to your backyard, and see what your pool will look like! You can change the size and even drag it around your yard to visualize it in different places. And if you’re inside, you can build a miniature version right on your counter or table.

Latham’s Liner Visualizer Tools lets you create a virtual pool from your laptop or desktop. Choose your house/yard style, your ideal pool shape, and then browse their complete lineup of liner offerings—there are over thirty! If you’re having trouble picturing what your pool liner will look like in a real pool, here you can see it submerged in water, dowsed in sunlight, or illuminated by nighttime lights. The Liner Visualization Tool helps you see your liner in a real-life setting, and from different angles.

Whether you’re trying to finalize decisions on what your new pool will look like, or you’re just window shopping for a pool with all the time we now have on our hands, Cappiello knows these new features will come in handy to you.

“For the customer who’s about to commit, these can be decision-making tools—picking the right style, color, and shape,” said Cappiello. “For consumers just dipping their toes into the idea of a pool, it’s a great tool to start thinking about what they might want.”

The only company in the industry offering these AR tools for pool visualization, Latham has recently updated these apps, originally released in 2019, to 2.0 versions with higher functionality and more features. “We put our customers first in everything we do,” said Cappiello, “and that extends to the technology we use and offer.”

For more information, visit lathampool.com.

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