Guide to Pool Covers for Energy Efficiency, Safety, and Design

With pool covers, safety is, of course, the paramount priority and prime selling point. 

(Above) Loop-Loc offers a variety of cover options for any pool size or shape. Photograph by Ronald Lubbers

But, increasingly, pool owners are embracing them for a number of additional reasons: They are energy- and cost-efficient, they keep the elements out of the water, and they are beautifully designed to enhance the landscape.

Photograph courtesy of LOOP-LOC

“As new pool constructions have evolved to build more lavish and intricate pools,” says Jeff Duke, national sales manager of LOOP-LOC, a Long Island, New York, manufacturer of Mesh Safety Pool Covers, “cover manufacturers have had to ensure that cover designs match them. Additionally, both commercial and private pool owners are adding logos and designs on higher-end pool covers for an extra layer of branding or personalization.”

Noting that 10 to 20 percent of consumers building pools are also buying automatic pool covers, Mark Smith, product manager for Coverstar automatic pool covers by Latham, says their numbers are increasing.

“Pool covers are easy to put on, and a growing number of states and cities are now allowing an automatic pool cover instead of a fence around the pool to serve as a safety barrier,” he says. “It’s a more unobtrusive option.”

Mike Farley, SWD ASLA, whose eponymous design-build company is based in Texas, says that their popularity has increased post-pandemic “because people are now spending more time outside.”

The pool covers he installs, which are heavy vinyl, come in a variety of colors; pool owners generally choose ones that match the stone color of the patio or the hue of the pool water. Typically, with stone decks, the deck and the walk-on lid cover are made of the same material for a seamless look. 

LOOP-LOC offers a variety of solutions for one-of-a-kind pools, including a patented Cable Loc raised wall treatment and the Aqua-Loc Zipper treatment for obstructions and oversized pools.

Its Aqua-Xtreme Safety Covers are made with a proprietary double-layer fabric that blocks light and provides quick drainage. And its Deck-Loc, manufactured in marine-grade stainless steel, is the first no-drill anchoring system for composite decks.  

Typically, with stone decks, the deck and the walk-on lid cover are made of the same material for a seamless look, as seen in these projects by Farley Pool Designs. Photograph by LFarley

Technology, too, is enticing more buyers. Smith notes that Coverstar has introduced a touchscreen version that allows operation with a passcode instead of a key.

Photograph by LFarley

Movable floors, which are floating platforms with a high bearing capacity that can move up or down with the push of a button, are taking the pool industry by storm, according to Koen van Swaemen, marketing and communication director of the Netherlands-based manufacturer Tieleman Pool Technology. 

In a raised position, the tiled and isolated surface of a movable floor prevents water evaporation, heat loss, and contamination of the pool.

 “You can transform your pool into a multifunctional space that you can use for different activities,” he says. “In just minutes you can set the floor to any desired depth, enabling you to use your pool area as a patio or party venue, a paddling pool for children, a mid-depth pool for games and exercises, or even a full-size swimming pool.”

While safety always comes first, Duke says that “a truly luxurious backyard experience is one that prioritizes safety, maximizes functionality, and optimizes design in a way that works exactly the way you want it.”,,,  

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