Mosaic Mounting Systems for Swimming Pools

Select the ideal mosaic mounting system for your pool and spa

It’s important to choose the right mosaic mounting system for the project. The three common options include mesh (back) mounted, plastic film (face) mounted, and paper (face) mounted. The paper face system is the only one that affords 100 percent contact with the setting material while allowing total creative freedom for refined mosaic work. Plastic film face mounting has grown in popularity, and while this system allows good contact, it requires setting material to harden before plastic can be peeled, creating limitations for freeform mosaic designs and higher difficulty to address sheet lines. The mesh system is a semi-rigid backing that limits freedom to manipulate tiles. Furthermore, the industry requires 95 percent contact between glass tile and setting material. Mesh glued to the back of tiles makes this standard perceivably impossible to meet.

When done properly, the result is spectacular!

Photo courtesy of Lewis Aquatech Pools

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