markilux Unveils Pop-Art Edition Fabric Collection for Vibrant Outdoor Living

The collection reimagines bold colors and patterns through 10 new fabrics.

markilux, a German manufacturer renowned for its engineering and premium outdoor shading solutions, presents its new Pop-Art Edition awning cover collection, featuring 10 dynamic patterns that infuse al fresco living with the lively essence of pop art. In a bold move away from the subdued tones that have recently dominated interior design, markilux’s latest collection celebrates vibrant colors and energizing designs inspired by the iconic works of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

Crafted from makilux’s textured weave visutex patterns in a high-quality Sunsilk fabric, the collection ranges from delicate line work and subtle color gradients to bold interpretations of classic stripes, all designed to enhance balconies and patios with a fresh, engaging atmosphere. This array of designs reflects the spirited charm of 1950s and 1960s pop art and also marks a significant addition to the brand’s Collection One series, best known for its easy-care high-tech materials in classic and contemporary styles.

“At the heart of markilux lies the fusion of design and innovation,” says  Ashley Smith, President and Managing Director of markilux USA. “Our latest fabric expansion, offering new styles and color options, signifies markilux’s  dedication to staying ahead of trends, providing the ultimate experience in customization,  and elevating joy in outdoor spaces.”

Unique in its industry, markilux manufactures its fabrics in-house, a practice that underscores the brand’s commitment to high standards and sets it apart by ensuring unparalleled quality control. Beyond aesthetic appeal, the new fabrics offer the highest possible sun protection with UPF 50+, feature a self-cleaning effect where water droplets absorb dirt particles and bead off the cover, and are bonded for excellent water, light, and heat resistance which prolongs the fabric’s life. The brand’s fabrics are certified according to Öko-Tex Standard 100, guaranteeing they are free from dyes or chemicals hazardous to health.

With over 50 years of industry knowledge, markilux stands out for its innovative approach and excellence in awning fabric production. This comprehensive dedication to quality, safety, and durability is reflected in the brand’s offering of more than 200 fabric patterns, combining current trends with timeless design to elevate outdoor living spaces with diverse, superior-quality enhancements.

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