Transform Your Pool into a Natural Hot Spring

WelSprings Hot Pools Unveils World’s First Replicated Natural Hot Springs for Residences

Janesville, Wisconsin – In a groundbreaking innovation that promises to redefine the luxury pool experience, WelSprings Hot Pools Company introduces a revolutionary method to transform any pool or whirlpool into a natural hot spring, right in the comfort of your own home. This patent-pending technology, conceived by Dean Landers, Owner and Inventor at WelSprings Hot Pools, offers a unique opportunity for homeowners to enjoy the health and wellness benefits that come from the mineral-rich waters of the world’s most famous hot springs.

Natural hot springs are renowned for their therapeutic qualities, attracting millions of visitors globally each year. Recognizing the limitations posed by geographical distances, WelSprings Hot Pools aims to bring this coveted natural phenomenon to those who wish to experience its benefits without the need to travel.

The secret to replicating the natural hot spring experience lies in the purification and mineralization process developed by WelSprings. Unlike conventional pools that rely on municipal water supplies, which can contain various impurities and contaminants, WelSprings Hot Pools begin with a foundation of pure water achieved through an advanced water purification system. This pristine water is then enriched with mineral concentrates sourced from eight of the world’s most renowned hot springs, including the Blue Lagoon Hot Springs in Iceland and Bath Hot Springs in England, among others. The result is an immersive experience that mirrors the mineral composition and healing properties of these natural wonders.

The conversion process is designed to be seamless and does not require any alterations to the existing pool plumbing. Furthermore, WelSprings Hot Pools can be custom-built to suit any size and preference, ensuring that this luxurious addition is accessible to a wide range of homeowners. Dean Landers and his team collaborate closely with homeowners, architects, builders, and pool companies to tailor each project to the client’s specifications, guaranteeing a personalized and unparalleled bathing experience.

Describing the sensation of soaking in a WelSprings Hot Pool, Dean Landers shares, “It’s a feeling of ‘Tingling with Wellbeing,’ a testament to the invigorating and restorative qualities of our hot pools.” This innovation not only offers a unique way to relax and rejuvenate but also enhances the value and appeal of luxury pools.

For more information on how to transform your pool into a private natural hot spring oasis, visit The team at WelSprings Hot Pools is ready to provide custom quotes and ideas to make your dream pool a reality. 

About WelSprings Hot Pools Company

Based in Janesville, Wisconsin, WelSprings Hot Pools Company is at the forefront of luxury pool innovation. Founded by inventor and entrepreneur Dean Landers, WelSprings is dedicated to providing homeowners with a unique and healthful swimming experience by replicating the natural hot spring phenomenon. With a focus on quality, customization, and wellness, WelSprings Hot Pools are redefining the concept of luxury pools in homes across the country.

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