Shorefront Design Challenge in Connecticut

Maximize outdoor privacy without compromising the view

Overlooking Long Island Sound, this luxury shorefront estate in Greenwich, Connecticut, called for an expansive outdoor living environment designed to maximize the water views. The talented team at Mark P. Finlay Architects designed the house and pool house—Mark P. Finlay, Joe Mulligan, and Jay Valade were the project’s architects—with interiors by G2 Designs and landscaping by Cummin & Associates, Inc.



There were significant environmental considerations at play in the design of this ambitious project, which included a complete teardown of the existing home. “The lot is very steeply sloped toward the water. Entering the house, you start at one elevation and as you make your way to the back of the property, toward the pool and water, the grade slopes significantly,” says Mark P. Finlay, founder and CEO of the project’s architectural firm. “In addition, the house is rather close to the water, creating structure and hardscape restrictions due to coastal setback requirements.”



The biggest challenge was the lot’s topography. The strategic placement and orientation of the pool area was achieved—despite the harsh topography—via multiple levels of terraces cascading from the house down to the pool.

Every aspect of the pool and pool house complex was configured deliberately. “We wanted the pool house to act almost as an exclamation point that punctuates the pool. It was vital to serve as a respite and provides sunshade for most of the day,” says Finlay.


Mark P. Finlay

Photo by Sisseia Johansso


The pool successfully enhances the waterfront view and is integrated seamlessly into the overall landscape’s composition. “The homeowners’ main goal was to create an outdoor space that was private but did not hinder any of the amazing vistas,” notes Finlay.



“This project was a true realization of our clients’ specific vision. The owners had a definite and distinct style,” adds Finlay. “In the end, this home is perfectly tailored for the lot and fully capitalizes on the gorgeous scenes of Long Island Sound.”


Photos by Warren Jagger

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