Glass tile designs by Lunada Bay Tile turn pools into iridescent works of art. Photograph by Zack Benson

Mosaics, Tiled Pools, and Custom Water Features

These designers and products turn your outdoor living spaces into artistic statements.

Ordinary outdoor living spaces have long been transformed into luxurious environments, with exotic landscaping, rippling waterfalls, and unique hardscapes made with the finest materials. Thanks to ever-evolving artistic techniques and elements, why not lavish your outdoor spaces with features that turn them into works of art? Commercial and residential properties alike can punch up their pool floors, gardens, and outdoor entertaining spaces with handcrafted tile designs, mosaics, and more.

Lunada Bay Tile

Photograph by Jimi Smith

Lunada Bay Tile creates handcrafted glass, ceramic, and concrete tiles with an emphasis on simplicity, texture, and color. Inspired by the lifestyle and light of the Southern California coast, Lunada Bay Tile pursues a distinct approach toward experimentation, and a design philosophy that blends traditional craftsmanship with modern influences. “Glass tile turns pools into iridescent works of art,” says Feras Irikat, director of design and marketing at Lunada Bay Tile. “Most pools have traditionally featured a light blue hue meant to resemble the color of the sea; however, more homeowners are choosing to outfit their pools with darker pool finishes to mimic a lagoon-like setting.” Beyond the pool, custom designs add an extra touch of luxury to outdoor spaces, such as showers, kitchens, or sitting areas.

Photograph by Jimi Smith


A custom mosaic by Mosaiclegs. Photograph by Allen Russ

Mosaiclegs specializes in architectural mosaic design. Their mosaics have been widely used for commercial and residential swimming pools, artistic murals, hotels, airports, and interior and exterior applications throughout the world. Their byzantine studio preserves the ancient techniques of handcrafted mosaics using byzantine glass, venetian glass, marble, and river rock. “Mosaiclegs begins every project by understanding the client’s vision. We then create digital layouts of the project so they can have a visual of how the project will look,” comments Joe Urena, owner of Mosaiclegs. He adds, “This custom mosaic pool, built by Lewis Aqua Tech and envisioned by our client, was inspired by Romanesque and Grecian designs. The entire pool was made using Smalto glass tiles.”

Photograph by Allen Russ

Bobé Fire & Water

Bobé Fire & Water adds stunning fire elements to luxury poolscapes. Photograph courtesy of Bobé Fire & Water

Fabricators of sheet metal products, Bobé Water & Fire transforms pools, spas and landscapes into places of working art. Create a centerpiece to your outdoor design with the Bobé 360 Seamless Lip Water + Fire Bowls. This design features a larger outer bowl surrounding an inner firepot in a “moat” style. Water gently flows over the 360-degree edge. Bobé products are handcrafted by skilled artisans. Every water and fire feature is built from heavy-grade material, fully TIG-welded and hand polished. “Our seamless lip design carries water over the bowl and cascades down as a beautiful sheet. The fire element can be manually lit or controlled remotely with an automatic igniter. Water integrated with our Perfect Flame burner creates stunning natural effects that add elegance and sophistication to any outdoor space,” says Vic Walker, director of product design and marketing at CMP.

Photograph courtesy of Bobé Fire & Water

Mosaicist, Inc.

Courtesy of Mosaicist, Inc

Popular with pool and outdoor living designers, handmade tile is often used to accent a variety of backyard projects, including luxury swimming pools, spas, outdoor kitchens, and outdoor rooms. Skilled artisans, like Mosaicist, take it to another level of creativity. Their art pieces are handmade and manually cut products of craftsmanship. Mosaicist specializes in custom architectural planning and design. They are one of the only organizations in the world offering complete projects, from custom design, manufacture, to installation. “Our custom designs turn your poolscape, hardscape, and outdoor kitchens into works of art,” says Ray Corral, president and owner of Mosaicist. “All are inspired by traditional techniques, honoring the Byzantine cultural legacy. From manufacturing to installation and from Old-World methods to modern day technical installations–all apects are turnkey.”

Custom architectural designs by Mosaicist, Inc. Courtesy of Mosaicist, Inc

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