Enclosing Your Space: Making Your Pool Area Free from Prying Eyes

Photo from Morehead Pools

It’s not hard to imagine that the backyard and pool areas we develop are the one places that we require utmost privacy. This is your space, so it’s important to make the most of it.

If you live in a busy, built-up area, sometimes it can be difficult to keep out the prying eyes from our outdoor space despite our best intentions. Depending on the local architecture, geographical height variation and general maturity of your neighbors, the methods you might like to adopt to help solve this problem might be radically different. Here we’ve tried to list some of the most effective strategies for increasing the privacy in your backyard pool area without doing a disservice to the aesthetics of your relaxing sanctuary.

Consider Planting Trees

If you have a large outdoor area that has ample free space, planting trees could be a useful long-term solution in privatizing your space. It also provides a wealth of benefits for the soil in your garden, as well as being proven to reduce stress. A tastefully done treeline can be much nicer than a wall, lending your garden the natural authenticity it deserves.

Just be sure that the trees aren’t directly over the pool, and that leaves aren’t going to be a tricky nuisance to clear from your filtration systems. We repeat, this will only be suitable for those with sizable gardens. If you already have a compatible treeline but are worried about your tree health or management, consider using a service like Arborist USA, www.arboristusa.com.

Purchase A Gazebo

A gazebo, properly installed, can be the perfect way to relax and dry off after a long soak in the pool. Dependent on what direction the sun faces your garden, you can angle it so you have your private tanning time unimpeded by people looking in, but also have your tanning process unimpeded by the sun. Add a gazebo fan to enjoy the relaxing combination both shade and breeze. A gazebo can also be a fantastic place to host a BBQ so long as ventilation considerations are thoroughly addressed.

Upgrade Your Fencing

It’s easy to neglect our fencing, but when it comes to separating yourself from other properties, it should be an important consideration, especially if you have children. If you live rurally, it might be tempting to neglect this in favor of an open and care-free space, but you can never be sure if a neighbor has just purchased a dog with a questionable temperament, or if plainly your properties security can be easily compromised. Finding the most affordable, aesthetic methods to keeping your garden safe and away from the eyes of your direct neighbors can be advantageous in this instance.

Whatever you choose, make sure that you’re not impeding privacy for aesthetics. Sometimes the best place to unwind is the place we feel the most relaxed.

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