How to Protect a Pool During the Winter

Many families will choose to make the investment and build a pool in their backyards this summer. Though you may be enjoying the long days of summer in your pool, the winter months are only just around the corner. Below is some suggested advice on how to prefpare your pool for the colder winter months. It is also a good idea to consult the pool builders during the process to ask for additional tips and advice.


Cover the pool when the weather deteriorates

It’s sensible for all pool owners to purchase covers that stop leaves and other debris from falling into the water. Most people won’t use the pump for their pool during the winter months because it uses a lot of electricity. That means anything that falls into the water will stay there until the spring. All homeowners will have to clean their pool before using it when the weather improves. According to The Weather Network, that tends to happen around the start of July. However, using a cover should mean that process doesn’t take too long. It should also mean the pump doesn’t become blocked when the individuals finally turn it back on.


Do not drain the water from the pool

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make relates to removing the water from their outdoor pools. That is not a sensible move for two important reasons. First, the water helps to maintain a level of pressure against the walls of the pool. When there is no water inside the construct, the walls could fail and crumble. That could damage the pool beyond any chance of repair. Second, children have a habit of falling into garden pools. If that happens, the child will become severely injured if there is no water.


Build something that protects the pool from the worst weather

It’s possible to build a structure over the top of any pool that will protect it from the most hazardous conditions. Of course, that building won’t have any side panels because people still want to feel like they’re swimming outside. However, a material or steel construction with a stable roof could improve the situation. Homeowners just have to invest in an Armstrong Steel building kit or something similar. There are many companies out there offering those products and services. So, people just have to research the market and ensure they’re dealing with the best experts. Covering the pool in that way should contribute towards keeping it safe during winter.

Now people know how to protect their garden pools during the cold months, they just have to create a plan of action. At the very least, all homeowners should attempt to cover their pools and stop debris from falling into the water. However, those with more cash to spend might consider building something a little more permanent. It all comes down to the size of the pool, and how much investment people are willing to make.

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