A Luxury Swim Spa for Small Spaces

When a homeowner has only a small space to work with, or does not want to commit to a full-scale swimming pool, the ideal solution may be a hot tub or swim spa. “By themselves, hot tubs and swim spas are great companions for those seeking a place to relax or exercise,” says Bob Lauter, CEO of Master Spas, manufacturer of the Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas Series by Master Spas. “But when you pair them with state-of-the-art sound and entertainment systems and lighting packages, and put them in a fabulous room outfitted for all types of recreation, these units become an integral part of the more dramatic whole.”

Hot tubs and swim spas are ideal additions for luxurious outdoor rooms, recreation rooms, conservatories, pool houses, even rooftop getaways.

In addition to taking up less space than a swimming pool, swim spas and hot tubs are great for hydrotherapy and aquatic workouts. Many can be outfitted with spa fitness equipment that can elevate a person’s strength and flexibility. Swim spas can accommodate underwater treadmills, bikes, rowing machines, and resistance bands—and what can be more extreme than taking your workout to a whole new level of intensity?

Visit the Master Spas website for more information about the Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas Series by Master Spas >>

Photo courtesy of Master Spas, Inc., and Oyster Bay Beach Resort, St. Marteen

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