Curated mosaic pattern: Greek Key

Soake Pools and Artaic Create Collection of Pre-Tiled Plunge Pools

Previously reserved for luxury spas and resorts, homeowners are now installing plunge pools at home to use for relaxation, year-round outdoor entertaining, wellness, and, simply put, aesthetic excellence. Plunge pools provide any yard with a showstopping focal point, and, from a design perspective, set that space apart. Marking a rapidly growing industry of a new way to swim, Soake Pools and Artaic have joined forces to create a specialized collection of mosaic tile designs for Soake Pools’ pre-tiled plunge pools.

Available on the Soake Pools website, customers can choose from five curated mosaic patterns: Greek Key, Crushed Velvet, Emulsion, Manor, or Strie. Alternatively, customers have the option to work with Artaic’s proprietary Tylist™ software to create a completely original mosaic to use in their plunge pool. Whether they want to bring in inspiration from nature, immortalize a photograph of their family and pets, or recreate a piece of artwork they admire — Artaic is able to translate any piece of inspiration into the mosaic medium for a unique and practical decoration of the pool basin.

Curated mosaic pattern: Greek Key

Vitreous Glass Mosaic Tile is an ideal material for swimming pools due to its durability, versatility, and ability to hold up well in wet environments. Non-porous, fading-resistant, and highly durable tile properties allow for tile mosaics to retain their beauty and stand the test of time, making them a perfect choice for return on investment. With this new collaboration, Artaic and Soake Pools created a perfect synergy that allows for a streamlined custom pool design service to an already fantastic product.

Custom tile mosaic designs are made to order, accounting for every size, groove, and curve of the pool, and allowing for color patterns to be specified according to preference. Soake Pools come precast from the highest quality concrete in an NPCA Certified plant, making them ready-made for a plumber and electrician and shortening on-site build time. The pools are delivered ready to install, saving on money, time, and the otherwise messy and long installation of traditional pools With the new customization options, this process will remain the same.

Greek Key, an exclusive pattern designed specifically for Soake Pools, incorporates a timeless motif that was conceptualized as a nod to the marrying of ancient styles and modern technologies. This recognizable pattern is also known as “meander”, which in Greek means​ to take an indirect path and relates to the twists and turns of the Maeander River. This continuous pattern has been dated back to the 18th century and has long been recognized as a symbol used by the Greeks. The design features the Greek Key motif throughout that dances in the pool at a 45-degree angle that mimics the flow of water and creates movement in the reflection. The old-world pattern beautifully marries with Soake Pools’ signature stonework tiling, creating a truly timeless design. The new Greek Key design features Artaic’s ¾” Vitreous Glass tile, a versatile choice that lends itself to color and resolution. 

Rendering of Crushed Velvet (Ice)

The collection offers a mix of contemporary and traditional designs, including Velvet, Emulsion, Strie, Manor, and of course Greek Key, as well as options for a solid, blend, or gradient pool design. And as with all Artaic designs, the collections can ultimately be customized to fulfill the customer’s preferences.

“Our collaboration with Artaic is so special because it allows us to offer both old world patterns and color themes, while also catering to those more keen on a modern modern look,” explains Karen Larson, co-founder of Soake Pools. “Our core offerings are a bit more neutral and subdued, while the sky is truly the limit for anything custom.”

“Soake Pools has an unbelievable client base and their pools are in rapidly growing demand,” says Kait Paradowski, Artaic’s Design Director. “Like Artaic, Soake Pools is focused on giving their customers a fantastic experience, and together we can elevate it by bringing in Artaic’s specialty: custom! We are excited to collaborate and design a collection that illustrates custom tile made easy!”

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